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Madanapalle Institute of Technology & Science

About The college

Madanapalle Institute of Technology & Science is established in 1998 in the picturesque and pleasant environs of Madanapalle and is ideally located on a sprawling 26.17 acre campus on Madanapalle - Anantapur Highway (NH-205) near Angallu, about 10km away from Madanapalle.
MITS, originated under the auspices of Ratakonda Ranga Reddy Educational Academy under the proactive leadership of Late Sri. N. Krishna Kumar M.S. (U.S.A), the then President and Dr. N. Vijaya Bhaskar Choudary, Ph.D., Secretary & Correspondent of the Academy.
MITS is governed by a progressive management that never rests on laurels and has been striving conscientiously to develop it as one of the best centers of Academic Excellence in India. The Institution's profile is firmly based on strategies and action plans that match changing demands of the nation and the students’ fraternity. MITS enjoys constant support and patronage of NRI's with distinguished academic traditions and vast experience in Engineering & Technology.

About The Event

Arts and Culture definitely makes a student stay connected with societal issues. When students perceive society through artistic and creative lenses, they develop their insights and become worthy human beings. The Institution has been encouraging arts and culture, so that students remain committed for a constructive development.
Prosperity of a student community is certain when an organization kindles their hidden skills & talents. Arts and culture is one such platform that pushes a student towards perfection and glorification of self. The Institute, without any hesitation is working hard to make all such provisions for the students. Ashv - The Race of Talent is one such amazing Techno-Cultural-Sports fest which manifests the enormous talent of our students in different categories. It has the potential to nourish and refine the students’ talents. and refined.

Students are versatile and Ashv pools them on a single track to extract their extraordinary skills in different arena. MITS is the gateway to encourage students in every respect. It provides an opportunity to the interested graduates to compete in various technical, cultural and sports events. It is one embellishment that has been organized every year since 2015 at MITS.
Ashv - The Race of Talent is a celebration that brings ecstasy in students, as they showcase their talents and compete with multicultural students. It is a Techno-Cultural-Sports Fest that demonstrates technical prowess through workshops, Paper Presentation, Project Expo, Poster and Quiz, Cultural aspects through Singing, Dancing, Painting and Theatre and Sportive excellence through Cricket, Throw Ball, Volley Ball, Tennikoit, Table Tennis, kabaddi, and shuttle badminton events.

   Chief Patron

Dr. N. Vijaya Bhaskar Choudary, Ph.D

Secretary & Correspondent

“The arts and culture play a vital role in society, shaping our understanding of the world around us and bringing communities together.”

Arts and cultural events play a crucial role in enriching the college experience for students. Beyond academics, these events offer unique opportunities for personal growth, creativity, and social engagement. Exposure to different forms of art can broaden students' perspectives, foster critical thinking skills, and enhance their emotional intelligence. Additionally, participating in cultural events can help students develop a greater appreciation for diversity and inclusion. On that note, I believe that Ashv - The Race of Talent has the potential to ensure a well-rounded education that nurtures intellect, creativity, empathy, and resilience.


Mrs. Keerthi Nadella

Executive Director

“Arts and culture are not simply a form of entertainment or embellishment in society; they are the very essence of what makes us human.”

Cultural ambiance is an excellent trait of an educational organization which provides a wonderful opportunity for the students to blossom with dynamic participation both in curricular and extracurricular steams. Arts enables them for wide ranging debates, innovative funding models, decision making, leadership training and so on. Ultimately the stream of arts and culture is very creative which enhances students’ fundamental integrity and practical discourses. On this occasion, I extend my deep heart appreciation for setting the stage where students can flourish with holistic growth.


Mr. N. Dwarakanath

President - RRR Educational Academy

“Art is considered as a noble field which should be used to promote all that is good and noble”

The importance of arts and culture for engineering students cannot be overstated. Engaging with the arts enables students to develop their creative thinking, problem-solving skills, and communication abilities, all of which are essential qualities for successful engineers. By exploring different forms of artistic expression, such as visual arts, music, literature, and theatre, students are able to broaden their perspectives and approach problems from diverse angles. Ultimately, integrating arts and culture into engineering education not only enhances students' technical skills but also fosters a well-rounded education that prepares them to be innovative and empathetic professionals in their field.

   Cheif Coordinator

Dr. C. Yuvaraj, Ph.D


“MITS fosters student versatility, preserving cultural heritage through Ashv events”

The Techno-Cultural-Sports event known as Ashv, which has been held annually since 2015 at the Madanapalle Institute of Technology and Science (MITS), has garnered a reputation for being one of the most popular and anticipated events on campus. Combining technology, art, and sports, Ashv provides students with a platform to showcase their talents and skills in a competitive yet collaborative environment. The event features a wide range of activities including coding competitions, robotics exhibitions, cultural performances, and sports tournaments. With participants from various colleges across the region, ashv fosters creativity, innovation, and teamwork among students. Through its diverse range of events, workshops, and seminars, Ashv plays a significant role in promoting holistic development fostering a spirit of camaraderie among participants. The success and growth of Ashv over the years its status as a flagship event at MITS that continues to evolve and inspire future generations of students.
Best wishes for all the participants and I look forward to have the festivity delicious with your incredible presence.
Thank you….

basha sir

Dr. C. Kamal Basha

Vice Principal - Administration

"The arts and culture sector plays a crucial role in shaping our society, fostering creativity, and preserving our collective history."

The Techno-Cultural-Sports fest-Ashv is a highly anticipated annual gathering that showcases a blend of technological innovation, cultural diversity, and sporting talent. This event provides students with a platform to showcase their skills in various fields such as robotics, coding, dance, music, drama, and sports. With a focus on promoting creativity, teamwork, and leadership among participants, Ashv attracts thousands of students from different colleges and universities across the region. MITS spares no effort in ensuring that the event is well-organized and successful through meticulous planning and execution. The wide range of competitions, workshops, and performances offered during Ashv make it an enriching experience for all attendees while also fostering a sense of camaraderie within the participating community.

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