Codes Cracker

codes cracker


Code Cracker is an opportunity for all the students to showcase their coding skill andto win exciting prizes and certificates

Internal Participants : 100/- (per head)
External Participants : 200/- (per head)

a. This event is being organized in the form of two activities: (common for all)

1. Code Maze
2. Code Ninja

b. Languages:

• 1st year – C programming
• 2nd year - Python, Java, C programming

Round 1 {Code Maze}:

• Participants will be given 30 MCQ’s.
• Allotted time for the Round – 1hr.
• MCQ’s will be in the given language.
• Top performers proceed to the 2nd round.

Round 2 {Code Ninja}:

• Participants will be given 3 problem statements.
• Allotted time for the Round – 45 min.
• The top 2 performers will be announced as winner and runner.


• Note pad and pen will be provided.
• Participants must adhere to the specified time limits for each round and submit their solutions within the allotted time.
• Code submissions must be written in a programming language specified by the organizers.
• Participants are not allowed to use any external resources or communication tools during the contest.
• Plagiarism or cheating of any kind will result in immediate disqualification.
• The decision of the judges will be final and binding.
• Participants must follow the guidelines provided by the contest organizers and adhere to the code of conduct.
• Any violation of the rules may result in penalties or disqualification from the contest.
• Only registered Participants are allowed.
• Students must produce their college ID to ensure their candidature.
• Candidate must present at the venue before the commitment of the event.
• Registered students will be added to the WhatsApp group after registrations.


• Participants should manage their time accordingly if participating in multiple events, as it is not the responsibility of the event organizers to accommodate conflicts.

Event Coordinator’s:

1. Yarla Mourya – 22691A31A0 – 7386963758 (2nd year -AI)
2. V Munithanoj - 22691A31A1 – 6305009495(2nd year -AI)
3. V Praneeth - 22691A31C2 – 9392660903(2nd year -AI)
4. S Muzeeb Hussain – 21691A31A7 – 7780395712(3rd year – AI)
5. Maaz shareef – 21691A3188 – 9391307412 (3rd year – AI)
6. N Pavitra -21691A31B8 -9182324698(3rd year – AI) – volunteer
7. T Karthik – 21691A3176 – 9346129490 (3rd year -AI) -volunteer

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