Internal Participants :
Fashion(solo/pair) : 100/- (per head)
Mr. & Ms. Ashv : 100/- (per head)


1. Registration can be either solo or pair or team.
2. No vulgar, obscene or explicit dresses will be entertained. Inclusion of any such discussed issues would lead to disqualification.
3. Everybody has to get their own music(except solo) and costumes.
4. Decision of judges is final.


The Traditional Indian clothing us close to our cultural roots . Well,Turban,Dothi or worn not for sake of fashion ,but because it has a lot of significance in the lives of Indians. The traditional wear varies from region to region or from their traditions.


Western wear is a category of Men's and Women's clothing which derives its unique style from the cloths worn in the century American west.It ranges from accurate historical reproductions of pioneer, Mountian Man, Cival War,Cowboy and Vaquero clothing to the stylized garments popularized by singing cowboys.


A wedding dress or wedding gown is the clothing worn by a bride/Groom during a wedding cermony. Colors,Style and Ceremonial importance of the dress can depend on the religion and culture.


It is a fabulous dressing which lack factual basis or historical validity.For example Animals, Movie characters, Historical characters, Vegetables and fruits, Dancer and fairy...

Countries-wide Dressing

Here we gonna represent about different countries, their dressing according to their own culture. way of dressing varies from country to country representing their traditional. Participants must wear costumes according to different countries for example Egyptian,Spain,American...

Fashion Evolution

Fashion evolution denotes a prevailing style of dressing that may vary within a society with respect to several factors also which expresses emotions or solidarity.

NOTE: Contestants must come in a troop as described above.

Timings :

Individual : 2 minutes/head Team : 10 mins

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