Internal Participants : 100/- (per head)
External Participants : 150/- (per head)

What to Expect:

1.Offline Mode: No internet required, just bring your wit!
2.Healthy Comedy Only: Keep it light-hearted and fun!
3.On-the-Spot Themes: Challenge your creativity with themes given at the event!
4.Template Provided: We've got the canvas, you bring the laughter!
5.10 Minute Time Limit: Can you create a masterpiece in minutes?
6.Judging by Faculty Coordinator: Expert eyes will crown the champions!
7.Prizes Await: Cash prizes and participation certificates up for grabs!

Rules to Remember:

1. No Adult Content: Let's keep it PG, folks!
2. No Copyright Infringement: Originality is key!
3. Submission Guidelines: Follow the template and submit your creations promptly.
4. Judging Criteria: Originality and humor will win the day!
Join us for an unforgettable experience filled with laughter, creativity, and friendly competition. Let your memes speak volumes and leave the audience in stitches!
See you at Ashv 2024 - where talent races and memes reign supreme!
Don't miss out on the chance to showcase your meme-making prowess! Spread the word.
If accommodation needed extra charges will be applied.

Student coordinators:

Shaik Karishma-7981851016
P. Mohammed affan-8019743804

Theatre committee coordinator:

Saddam Hussain D.G-6301553541

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