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Internal Participants : 100/- (per head)
External Participants : 200/- (per head)

"Portray your hourly thoughts into minutes of presentation" Paper Presentation is all about how you put your topic or present your topic in front of the audience. They see the way you present your topic, the way you put your points, your presentation style, your language and how promptly and effectively you answer their questions.There are number of students who often ask why paper presentation skills are required in the corporate world. These paper presentations are valuable for the students to share their knowledge and improve their communication skills. It is the time to unleash the technical fundamental knowledge and the talent within you. All you need to do is to fuel your brain to ideate the ideas that never existed. The stage has been set to listen to your words. Speak clearly, if you speak at all. Carve every word before you let it fall. Take up the challenge to drive home your genuine ideas and understanding. Who knows this could be your first step to fame and glory.


Participants are expected to submit the abstract before April 24th, 2023 for preliminary evaluation. An intimation will be given on 26th, April 2023. You can register with the respective registration amount once your abstract is selected.
1.You can also Participants in the event in Hybrid Mode which is online and offline mode.
2.Participants will be allowed into the venue only if they have a valid ASHV ID.
3.Participants will have to bring their own laptops and electronic gadgets for the events. The college will not be responsible for the theft of the gadgets/belongings.
4.Participants are expected to maintain decorum while they are present in the college
5.Use of false name and address will not be entertained. College ID proof will have to be shown while paying the entry fee.
6.The final call on the winners will be taken by the judges and no correspondence will be entered into over this decision.
7.If the participants are involved in any sort of malpractice, they will not be allowed to participate in the other events.
8.Timings for the events and are to be strictly followed.
9.Participants are requested to attend in time.
10.Participants can approach the help desk in case of any queries.
11.Participants are instructed to send your abstract to the following mail ID having subject as paper_presentation_ashv2k23.
​NOTE: *** Winners will be selected from a Each department.* ​ ​

Round-1 Short listing the finalists

1. Participants are expected to submit the abstract before April 24th, 2023 for preliminary evaluation
2. Abstract should not exceed 250 words and Paper should not exceed 20 pages( Slides)
3. Persons from different institutions can be a part of the same team. However, one person may not be a part of multiple teams for the same event
4.The mail with submissions should contain:
    a.Title- theme of the paper
    b.Name of the participants
    c.Mobile Number of the participants
    d.College name and district
    e.E-mail id of the participants
5.After you have submitted the abstract, a panel of judges will go through your material and if you are shortlisted to give the presentation, you will be notified through mail.

ROUND 2 - Paper presentation

1. The selected participants will be presenting on their topics. Each team will be given 10 minutes for the presentation. Teams are expected to present using PPT.
2.The participants can present research / review paper.
3.The paper will be judged on their innovations, in depth knowledge of the matter and presentation skills, time management.
4.The decision of judges will be final and no arguments or appeal will be entertained


6 mins (4 mins – presentation + 2 mins - Queries)


* Last date to submit Abstract: xxxx, 2024
* Intimation date : xxxx , 2024
* Date of Presentation : xxxx, 2024


- Embedded systems in Agriculture
- Environmental solutions
- Security concerns and counter measures in IoT integrated smart buildings
- Haptics technology
- Wearable technology
- Printable Electronics Technology (3D Printing)
- Transparent Electronics
- Recent trends in wireless communications
- Internet of Things
- Real-time communication
- Antenna technology
- Signal processing (speech, images, etc.)
- Adaptive signal processing
- VLSI and Nanotechnology
- Mobile and Embedded systems advanced technology
- Artificial Neural network and its applications
- Advanced networks and network security
- Fabrication technique
- Radio and Satellite communication
- Analog and Digital instrumentation
- High-speed electronic devices
- Sensor and Actuator systems
- Vehicular Telematics (Application challenges and operations)
- Miscellaneous Topics (related to ECE, if worthy)
NOTE: Any other topics related to ECE are acceptable only if they are worthy


- Smart grid & Integration
- Green & Renewable Energy Technologies
- Energy Harvesting
- Hybrid Vehicle
- Electrical eco-system for Smart city initiatives
- VLSI for electrical systems
- Signal/Image Processing for Security Systems
- Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic
- Adaptive Piezoelectric energy harvesting circuit
- Condition Based Maintenance of Underground Cable Systems
- Digital Testing of High Voltage Circuit Breakers
- DSP (Digital Signal process Based Motor Control System)
- HVDC Technology and Short Circuit Contribution of HVDC Light
- Improving Electrical System Reliability with Infrared Thermography
- Protection of transmission systems by using the global positioning system
- Seasonal Influence on Safety of Substation Grounding
- Bridge capacitor bank in EHV system
- Electric Power line Networking For A Smart Home
- Intelligent Management Of Electrical Systems in Industries
- Large Scale Power Generation Using Fuel Cell
- Optical Technology in Current Measurement
- Border Security Using Wireless Integrated Network Sensors
- Wireless Power Transmission via Solar Power Satellite
- Recent Trends in Power Electronics & Drivers
- Comparative Study Of Maximum Power Point Tracking
- Effect of Under Frequency on Generating Units
- Optical current transducer & its fault location in substation
- Wireless energy transmitter
- Miscellaneous Topics
NOTE: Any other topics related to EEE are acceptable only if they are worthy ​​

Civil Engineering [CE] TOPICS:

- Case Studies of Structural Failures
- Repair, Strengthening and Rehabilitation
- Life-Cycle Performance of Structures
- Innovative Solutions in Design and Construction
- High-Performance Concrete
- FRP Applications in Construction
- Smart Materials and Structures
- Buildings, Preservation and Architecture
- Lightweight Structures
- Structural Analysis and Design
- Computer-Aided Design
- Numerical Methods and Algorithms
- Finite Element Modelling

NOTE: Any other topics related to Civil are acceptable only if they are worthy ​
Computer Science Engineering [CSE] TOPICS:

- Cloud computing
- Artificial Intelligence
- Augmented Reality & Virtual Applications
- Block Chain Paradigm
- Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic
- Data Science & Big Data Technologies
- Android technology
- Open Source Technology
- Object oriented technologies
- Advanced Databases
- Real Time Operating System
- Network Security
- Software Testing & Quality Assurance
- Internet of things
- Mobile Networking
- Advanced algorithms
- Wireless technology
- Nano computing
- VoIP in mobile phones
- Mobile Adhoc Network
- CDMA & Blue Tooth Technology
- Image processing in computer vision
- Grid Computing
- Miscellaneous Topics

Management of Computer Applications [MCA] TOPICS:

- Machine Learning
- Software Engineering and Emerging Technologies
- Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks
- Data Mining and Business Intelligence
- Expert Systems
- IT for education, health and development
- Data Mining and Business Intelligence
- Image Processing
- Data Mining & Data Warehousing
- Pattern Recognition
- Robotics
- Virtual Reality
- Information and Network Security
- Supply Chain Management
- Cloud Computing
- Mobile Computing
- Internet of Things
-Ubiquitous Computing

Mechanical Engineering [ME] TOPICS:

- Fluid Mechanics
- Thermal Sciences
- Natural Sciences
- Manufacturing Technology
- Design
- Nano Technology
- Failure Analysis
- Surface Engineering
- Renewable Energy
- CAD/CAM & Robotics

NOTE: Any other topics related to ME are acceptable only if they are worthy ​
Master of Business Administration [MBA] TOPICS:

- Production Innovation
- Indian Origian Consumer Products
- Corporate Scams & Company Image
- Corporate Social Responsibility
- Women Sexual Harassment in Indian Companies (HR Reaction)
- Human Brands
- Financial Analytics
- Impact of Technology over Financial

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