Poster Presentation
Dance Wance

Rules & Regulations:

Internal Participants : 100/- (per head)
External Participants : 200/- (per head)


A self-explanatory poster has to be designed. The theme of the poster can be anything related to innovation and technology. The following are some ideas of the themes you can work on to design your poster.

1.However there are no limits. You can come up with your own theme related to department.
2.Rules and regulations:​
3.You can also Participants in the event in Hybrid Mode which is online and offline mode.
4.The title of the poster should convey the basic theme of the poster.
5.Written matter on the poster will be given least priority.
6.Maximum time of 5 minutes is given per team to elaborate the poster.
7.Questions will be posed by judges for 2 minutes.
8.Two hard copies and one soft copy with an abstract containing 200 words are to be submitted at the time of event.
9.The winners are decided on the basis of above criteria by the judges.

Note : *** Winners will be selected from a Each department.***

Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)

1.VLSI and embedded systems
2.Micro processor andMicro controllers
3.Image processing and Digital signal processing
4.Nano technology
5.Wireless sensor networks
6.Smart antennas
8.Miscellaneous and Innovative Topics

Computer Science and Engineering(CSE)

1.Network security
2.Software engineering
3.Cloud computing
4.Knowledge and data mining
5.Mobile Application Development
6.Internet Of Things
7.Information Security
8.Miscellaneous and Innovation Topics

Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE)

1.Soft computing techniques in electrical engineering(genetic, evolutionary, swarm, intelligence etc)
2.Artificial intelligence in electrical engineering(Neural, Fuzzy, ANFIS etc)
3.Power electronics and energy efficient indrustrial drives
4.Renewable power conservation technologies and energy storage systems
5.Power quality issues monitoring and improvement techniques
6.Smart grids and expert systems
7.Miscellaneous and Innovative Topics

Civil Engineering

1.Ground Improvement Techniques
2.Transportation planning and management
3.Water Resources Engineering
4.Structural Engineering
5.Remote Sensing and GIS
6.Disaster Mitigation Management
7.Environmental Engineering
8.Miscellaneous and Innovative Topics

Mechanical Engineering (MECH)

3.Aerospace Flywheel Development
4.Heat Pipes
5.Valvetronic Engine
6.Alternative Fuels
7.Miscellaneous and Innovative Topics

Civil Engineering (CE)

NOTE: Any topics related to CE are acceptable only if they are worthy

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

NOTE: Any topics related to MBA are acceptable only if they are worthy.

Management of Computer Applications (MCA)

NOTE: Any topics related to MCA are acceptable only if they are worthy.

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