Internal Participants : 100/- (per head)
External Participants : 150/- (per head)

Rules and Regulations:

1.The time duration of reel should be within 30 seconds to 1 minute.
2.ensure that the reel does not contain any vulgar content.
3.The reel should convey a message addressing contemporary issue- betting apps.
4.Avoid mentioning specific institutions or well-known individuals in your video.
5.It is advised not to make the video on the Event day. Instead, the reel should be submitted on that event day prior to the event.
6.Winners will be selected by the judges. For winners certificates and cash rewards will be provided.
7.Participation certificates will be provided to all the participants.
8.If Accommodation is needed, Extra Charges will be applied.

Student Coordinators:

R. Gayathri – 9014339321
B. Niranjan Kumar Reddy – 9440552836
Saddam Hussain D.G - 6301553541

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